How do I join Sea Test?
Select what you want to sign up for below, click the image and enroll. You will be mailed paperwork and a drug test kit and entered into the pool.

Can I be selected more than once in a calendar year?
Yes, you can be selected more than once. You will remain in the pool regardless of multiple selections.

I run an inspected "T" boat, what about my wait staff and band?
Wait staff and entertainers are generally exempt, provided they are not involved in the safe operation of a vessel, such as assisting passengers on board.

How do I get notified if I am selected for a random draw?
You may be contacted by, e-mail, text, or by phone.

I am in a program now, can I transfer to Sea TEST LLC?
Yes, just provide us with evidence of your current enrollment and you will not be required to take a pre-employment screen.

Is alcohol part of the screen?
No, alcohol is not part of the screen.

I spend the winters in Florida, what then?
No problem, we have a network of labs all over the country. We will find  an acceptable site for you.

What if I am away when selected?
Notify us prior to leaving, you can go for the screen when you return.

I am tested at work, do I need to be in a program?
Yes, you do. You need to be in a separate program for each vessel you work on.

I run a six pack charter. Do I need to be enrolled, what about my first mate?
Yes, you both need to be enrolled.
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